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Nov 8, 2011

clutch frontman neil fallon and aisha jaw about the paralyzing fear of being on stage, the misery of touring with a bunch of dudes in a van, the death of payphones, stabby truckers, judgemental hardcore a**holes and the end of days. plus they bond over their love of beer, then stroke/strike norway. girl on guy: pure podcast fury. visit for your free audiobook download, and for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

over six years ago

Yep, John's right this is fantastic. I'm a huge Gearhead and a huge Archer this heaven? :)

six and a half years ago

This is awesome that you did this! Clutch is awesome! You two are awesome! Didn't know you were a fan of Led Zeppelin too.

almost seven years ago

There's no comments on this? WTF. Aisha and Neil friggin Fallon from Clutch. CLUTCH. What a great show. Keep it up!