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Aug 19, 2011

zachary levi and aisha geek out about zombie movies, clowns in outer space, the awesomeness of time crisis, and the agony of getting curbstomped online by a first-grader named "captain teabag." and zac unveils his mad song-parody skills in this week's self-inflicted wounds. watch out, axl. zac may be guns n' roses' arnel pineda. girl on guy goes to eleven. visit for all of your girl on guy podcast needs.

Major Reed
nine and a half years ago

1. i think i have found my seperated-from-birth brother in Zachary as it pertains to "seeing ingredients" and seeing how different tech can integrate, but currently dosen't. I have SO MANY ideas, and as soon as I can kidnap a VC, ill be the next Steve Jobs :-)

2. did Zach say "asslamp" @ 1:12:25?? LOL

3. love the show! !!