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Jun 12, 2014

in honor of E3 week this episode is with actor carlos ferro, who plays dominic santiago in the juggernaut franchise gears of war (in addition to lots of other things). he is a dj, a theater-trained actor, a collector and a wild-eyed cat lover. we talk about all things videogame, and all things everything else.

this would be longer but girl on guy is buried in controllers.

Patrick Larsen "Iceman"
almost eight years ago

It was Anthony Carmine that gets sniped in the head in the courtyard in the first Gears of War. Kim gets choked out and stabbed by RAAM during a cut scene in the first Gears of War. Tai Kaliso dies in Gears 2 from a self inflicted gunshot to the head after suffering through Locust captivity.

Mario Villegas "Dominic Cosplayer"
almost eight years ago

an Honor to hear this interview, I am a big Fan of Carlos Ferro, and I hope to hear and personalized Dominic Santiago for a new Gears of War on the Xbox ONE "WE WANT MORE!!! BLOOD AND BRAINS RIGHT ON THE FLOOR!!! Thanks Aisha.