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Oct 13, 2015

join daniel gillies of the originals and vampire diaries and aisha as they wade through trying to be cool, suffering for art, why films hold up, and why they break you down. plus they disagree thoroughly on robocop — both one and two.

girl on guy wants you to get this in your face. you have twenty seconds to comply.

over six years ago

I know Gillies will certainly never read this but I've got to say this: this man is admirable as an artist and a person. Being someone that really wants to make movies and art with all his heart myself it's so inspirational to hear someone speak realistic and honest about the industry.
It's not a business that touches you lightly but if it's something you love you're just so magically drawn to it.
He's been an inspiration to me ever since I read an interview about 'Broken Kingdom' of his and kind of decided for myself: this man is my role model.

The heart and soul that flows into making a movie is everything!

Also it's heavily inspiration to hear a person talk about a problem I've had too: near obsessive exercising. There was a time in my life I thought people wouldn't like me if I didn't look great, I was training 24/7 and starved myself to a point collapsing was normal for me. Even after long therapy I'm not quite over it but hearing someone talk about how they overcame just that problem is wonderful.

So in short: kudos to you Mr. Gillies, you're one of the most amazing filmmakers/actors out there and an inspiration to us all :D