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Dec 6, 2011

join devastating rap mc jean grae and aisha as they rant about blacking out onstage, racist monkey masks, representing for the misfits, drinking to punish others, drinking to punish yourself, checking out other girls' racks, being a reluctant superhero, and what wins in hip hop. plus jean gets wasted on a stereotype and still manages to put on a show, and aisha starts a new drinking game. girl on guy. drink this one to the head. visit for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

Jeannie Jean! nah, i wish
over ten years ago

Thank you for this one! I think this is maybe the best interviewer-ee combo I've ever heard.
Plus: I've been whining annoyingly about how I CAN'T WAIT any longer for 'Cake or Death'. And I'm still very unclear on the status of this record. =\ It's okay though. Just the idea of it on the horizon keeps me goin.
..Love your podcast, thank youz..