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Feb 27, 2013

join comedian cash levy and aisha tyler as they muse over insulting baby gangs, whore heartbreak, tenacious asians, eucalyptus farts, stealing set lists, talking back to your superiors, cashing in, and blaming the audience. plus cash has a terrible time closing the deal, and aisha and cash compare self-abuse notes. girl on guy needs some new hobbies. this episode brought to you in part by amazon. visit to shop amazon and support the show, to preorder "self-inflicted wounds", to donate, and for all your podcast needs.

12.5 fan (jessica)
almost nine years ago

Yay! great podcast so far. Sargent pig! a revisit to the four floors of whores (seven levels of nevilles), haha! Cash Levy is hilarious. I think you're super funny, too, Aisha (been a fan from the 90s: remembering you from Friends as the only person of color in their version of New York, and the soup - you've always made me laugh) - definitely going to tune in to your show regularly now. My coworker shared this link with me to your podcast; she and I both listen weekly to Cashing in with TJ miller. Cash inspires me and brightens my Tuesdays.