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Dec 25, 2011

ever wonder how I got this way? find out when i sit down with my dad to discuss everything we love: motorcycles, fast cars, action movies, meat, cracking people up, curse words and street fighting. plus, my dad tells me what it was like to raise me, and it isn't pretty. it's a special holiday episode of girl on guy that, like much of what happens in december, i am sure to regret. girl on guy. we're keeping the m*thaf*cking yuletide bright. visit to see special photos that accompany this episode, and for all of your girl on guy podcast needs.

La Tanya
over eight years ago

I absolutely loved this interview! Thanks for the transparency! Not that you are not any other time!

over ten years ago

Your Dad is Awesome!!! Loved this interview.

over ten years ago

I listened to this over the holidays, it's a great episode. In fact all the premium episodes are great guests. The premium subscription is definitely worth it!