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Mar 29, 2012

Girl on guy is now offering access to exclusive bonus content that you can access from the apps or web. To create your MyLibsyn subscription go to and click the upgrade to premium banner to be taken to my premium page at A subscription will unlock any locked episodes on the app and also allow you to watch all the premium episodes from the premium page! 

Gary B
over ten years ago

Does the RSS feed not work with premium content? I've put in the URL from the top of the page, which works on the web. But, even when I put in my Libsyn username and password, it just shows an empty list in Mediamonkey. The standard feed works fine in the same program (no username/password needed, obviously). I don't use a smartphone, but a dumb MP3 player, so if I need to manually download each bonus ep, it's not that big of a chore.