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Jan 28, 2014

join constance zimmer of house of cards and the newsroom and aisha as they rip through the nature of marriage, rich people in newport, making it in a bmw, the invention of french bread pizza, hemp seed nightmares, angry high school letters, winging it at julliart, being a cable darling, and staying wildly busy. plus we...

Jan 22, 2014

join poker pro jason somerville and aisha as they bluff through the worst road trip ever, family game night smack downs, growing the dojo, turning five bucks into a fortune, losing forty thousand dollars in a single day, false tells, being homebound, opportunity versus motive, living in a cage, the game of taking, and...

Jan 19, 2014

join undefeated super middleweight champion of the world laila ali and aisha as they punch through growing up with the champ, having an iconic name, leaving islam, rejecting your legacy, escaping malibu, battling dad, enduring neglect, raising yourself, sparring with men, stepping into an evil space, being in control,...

Jan 15, 2014

join harold perrineau and aisha as they talk about being the golden child, druggy uncles, loving the projects, discovering you’re black, confounding your parents, surprising yourself, risky art, trouble in mexico, and jacking into the matrix. plus harold hates pudding. you’ll just have to listen.

girl on guy is...

Jan 7, 2014

rob corddry is hilarious. 

he is funny, smart and quick. and most of all, he is nice. 

he loves imaginary grapes and hockey fight porn. he is a terrible neighbor.

rob corddry has a mind like water. rob corddry is at inbox zero.

you love rob corddry. you do not know why, but you do. deeply.

even more than that, you...