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Jun 20, 2012

join comedy thundercat cedric yarbrough and aisha as they claw through joyless childhood, the jehovah's witness art department, the kindness of the midwest, getting blue paint in your special places, auditioning for the boondocks, lord of the rings the musical, and how everyone in hollywood is crazy. plus, cedric has an unwelcome houseguest, and aisha has amnesia. girl on guy's elven cloak of diversion is at the dry cleaners. visit for all your girl on guy podcast needs.

nine and a half years ago

I enjoyed this episode. I hadn't heard of Cedric until I listened, but I'll be sure to check out his work.

When you said "Jehovah's witnesses were that sound at the door that you hid from" it reminded me of something I saw on another website. If links in your comments are OK, then check this out: