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Dec 5, 2012

join nerd empress felicia day and aisha as they talk vintage internet, pixellated boobs, being a wunderkind, buried acting rage, extreme panic attacks, being the best at doing nothing, filling up your bunny, avoiding youtube comments and becoming a cartoon version of yourself. plus they pick apart the girl gamer controversy, and aisha makes felicia get naughty. girl on guy wants to date your avatar. this episode brought to you in part by amazon. visit to shop amazon and support the show, and for all your podcast needs.

nine and a half years ago

I completed relate to both of their experiences; being the eldest, being an overachiever, being the odd one out and using it as your secret weapon (also moving quite a bit). I enjoyed hearing about the downsides too, having to be a self-starter, needing some sort of criticism. I really appreciate hearing about how all these qualities helped shape successes!
So glad to have two wonderful and engaging people give some inspiration to keep on creating, and shrug off the pointless negative feedback!

almost ten years ago

Firstly, what most people hate about gamer girls - and I don't mean the misogynists, I mean normal gamers - is that many of them use gaming as a means for attention rather than as a means for fun. Dress how you want to, but whenever you have the webcam centered on your chest, you are clearly using your sex to get attention. THAT is what the majority of gamers have problems with. The trolls, sexists, and misogynists are the ones who have problem with women playing games.

Secondly, "Gamer Girl Country Boy" had a lot of honest opinions and critiques on it; the only dislikes weren't JUST from trolls. I personally disliked it while liking Felicia's other videos. IMO it was cheesy and it seemed like a bad concept in general, just randomly thrown together. Lots of people, including me, hate country music. Yes, few people have the drive to create as much as Felicia. Does that means everything she makes should go criticized? No, criticism aids growth - providing it's constructive.

All that said, I love the Guild and I think Felicia is awesome.