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May 23, 2014

join community creator dan harmon and aisha as they wade through dan’s complex brain and try to sketch out the tangled story circle that is his very own life. then we do a little bit of strategic day drinking.

girl on guy just left you a voicemail message.

James Bilderbeck
six and a half years ago

100 years Rick and Morty

dave lee
almost seven years ago

love the P-cast.

Wieland Heymans
over seven years ago

So just subscribe and that's it, right? No catch or anything? Cool. Just heard the Joel McHale talk and it was pretty interesting, so now I'm curious about this Dan Harmon one, since you've namedropped it quite a few times. I guess marketingploys really do work.

In any case, great job on this thingy and on Archer. Best of wishes for the New Year and good luck in whatever it is you want to do. Even if it's just reading this completely unnecessary comment.