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Jul 18, 2012

join archer creator adam reed and aisha for a special commentary of viewer favorite archer episode "placebo effect," better known to fans as the "terms of enrampagement" episode (season 2, episode 9). this is exclusive commentary unavailable on the dvd or anywhere else but here. get the archer episode, get this special podcast episode, and smash them together to make big happy. sploosh!

seven and a half years ago

You are a beautiful person Aisha. And I hope all is well. Don't let that divorce latch on to you and become a part of you, because it will only make you sour. See this as an opportunity to find someone better, because that's what you deserve. Your biggest fan. Jibri.

almost nine years ago

Big fan of Archer and the shows cast. Keep up the good work x

Den Bush
almost twelve years ago

I love you Aisha. I would have your baby. As a gay man, that's not possible. But for you, I'd have a vagina installed. Now that's love. Sploosh … indeed!

almost twelve years ago

great show; wish i coulda hit it before you got married, i had a chance, right? (Smile)