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May 29, 2013

aisha's head has been invaded by billions of tiny biota and she was too sick to record an episode this week. so! enjoy this premium conversation with the wild-eyed and brilliant prince of punk rock, henry rollins. try not to get hit as henry rollins and aisha rant about having nothing to lose, the genius of constant creation, being a nonviolent assbreaker, self-hatred, audience contempt, the power of fear, and escaping a punk band with your life. plus, aisha uses big words to impress henry, and henry is not impressed. girl on guy. don't start nothing, won't be nothing. this is a republish of a previously premium episode from november 2011. visit to shop amazon and support the show, to preorder "self-inflicted wounds", to donate, and all your podcast needs.

over eleven years ago

Every interview I hear with Henry Rollins makes me respect him more. The fact that he's an archives nerd is even better. :)