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Feb 12, 2013

join comedian w kamau bell and aisha as they saunter through expressing rage, avoiding cynicism, devastating afros, building an hour, magician strippers, saying things you don't believe, the quicksand of porn, and eating it in Okinawa. plus kamau goes to the whiteboard and gets very, very personal. girl on guy wonders if this is racist.

Lisa Campbell
eight and a half years ago

Aisha Tyler - you just ROCK! This is Lisa Campbell and where the fuck have I been? I am so late to the Aisha Tyler party but somehow, through the awesomeness of social media, I have arrived. Thankfully!!

Someone shared a clip of your appearance on Kamau Bell's FX show on fb and I thought well, great! THAT was a conversation that needed to be had. So I shared in WIDE RELEASE and then a friend from ex hometown (Atlanta) shared your NO ASS AT ALL video [LOVE it] ..and I wrote back that "I'm in the newsroom and this just gave me the energy and sanity to wrap up and get through the f'ing day." ;) LOVE it! …smiles.

I then began an (UNpaid, as you know) Aisha Tyler publicity campaign sharing you with ALL of my lists and networks. Many knew of you. Lots didn't. Now my no TV watching arse doesn't feel so aloof! ;)

Next time you're in SF, let's have a glass of Napa vino or something. As I said to somebody - I want her to be my new best-friend because she just fucking ROCKS!

Seriously, LOVE your work - and it is ON time and YOUR time!! Need something shared in SF or elsewhere, my dear - no problem! Reach out.

LisaCampbell (News Anchor/Reporter -KGO) San Francisco
Owner, LisaCampbellMEDiA and the Documentarist-TV
(San Francisco|Atlanta)
Godspeed!! xo