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Mar 13, 2013

join brilliant comedy dervish maria bamford and aisha as they dissect psychophantry, suicide notes, champagne problems, art sharks, not being good for company, hopeful despair, human ambivalence, and getting everything you ever dreamed of. plus, maria is really fucking pissed off, and aisha wants tamale pie. girl on guy. why so angry now? this episode brought to you in part by amazon. visit to shop amazon and support the show, to preorder "self-inflicted wounds", to donate, and for all your many podcast needs.

John Hubanks
over eleven years ago

Goddammit, ladies. That kicked ass in the most ass-kicky manner imaginable. Bipolar disorder being like vomiting all the time except in your head is the best description of bipolar disorder in the history of ever. I wish this episode could have been twice as long.